Susanne Mueller Nelson is a dancer, choreographer and Feldenkrais® practitioner from Switzerland. Her background is in different contemporary dance techniques and improvisation. Since 1994 she has created 8 evening langth works and many other short works, that have been seen in Switzerland, Europe and New York. She often collaborates with artist other fields. She has tought among others the S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre in Frankfurt, at the Rotterdamse School of Contemporary Dance and the Ballet Companies of the Bern and Lucerne Theatre. She also has an MAS degree in dance theory (MAS TanzKultur Bern). Since then she is continuously researching in the field of audience developement and has been asked to give lectures and workshops in this regard.
From August 2016 to January 2017 she will be Artist in Residence in Berlin, supported by teh Canton Bern, Switzerland.

In her work she is inspired by philosophical questions, which she is reflecting on with and through her own body and movement. Departing from the materiality of her own body she is interested in how immateriality is creatd and read. The public is playing an important role and questions around perception are treated in a specific way in each of her work.

In her movement she relies on the architecture of the body and the sensations that are created by using or defying gravity.  She likes to question habits and to creat unsusual images. Movement and images are confronted with questions of perception, of biography, of culture and politcs. Her pieces ar choreographed and also improvised or site-specific.