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Culture vouchers Erziehungsdirektion Kanton Bern

The Education Department of the Canton of Bern supports projects of varying duration in school classes and provides individual classes with culture vouchers, which can be used to book low-threshold cultural projects. The topic is determined in advance together with the teacher. Curriculum topics (e.g. magnetism) can be explored and implemented through dance, or a social aspect can form the starting point (e.g. listening to each other, respect). The goal is always to introduce the students to the art form of dance.

Duration: 2 lessons each over 5-6 days
Total costs: CHF 1000 (5x), 1200 (6x)
Cost sharing Erz.direktion: CHF 800 with cultural vouchers, see:
Contribution of school or community: CHF 200 / 400
Necessary infrastructure: music equipment, auditorium or gymnasium

The content of these projects can be determined in consultation with the respective teachers.

The following project has been carried out successfully several times:

What holds the world together

A dance module suitable for 3rd and 4th grade, other levels are possible after consultation.

The topic is based on the NMM learning material about magnetism. It is recommended to discuss this topic in class at the same time or just before the dance module.

In ” What holds the world together ” the idea of magnetic forces is played with: What attracts, what repels? Who leads and dominates, who follows and adapts? How does one feel, how does the other feel? What suits me more, leading or following, in which extreme do I feel more comfortable? And can I also do the other? The goal is to create short formations in pairs and groups that address these qualities and promote alertness in dealing with one’s partner and the group.

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