Workshop on breathing, movement and togetherness – Susanne Mueller Nelson

Workshop on breathing, movement and togetherness

The workshop allows to live the relationship between the breath and the experience of the common through breathing practices and simple movements. The proposals are based on the Feldenkrais Method® and on a specific exploration of movement.

The goal is to become aware of one’s own breathing and to understand how through it we can experience the common through movement, nourished by the breath.

The workshop consists of a deep breathing experience where participants become aware of their inner spaces and volumes through different manipulations of their own breath.

Then they explore how this inner experience allows them to become aware of the outer space. Then participants are invited to walk and move in the space, exploring further the link between inside and outside.

In a third step participants are invited to discover how the experiences made can lead to including the perception and encounter of the other in one’s experience and how the journey can be continued together. This is done simply by walking through the space and simple movements, inspired by everyday gestures.

Open to all, no prior knowledge or specific physical requirements necessary. Comfortable clothing required.

New date to come.

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