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  • Dancing is all-encompassing and works on many levels. Not only do you improve your flexibility, balance, strength and coordination – dancing has also been proven to have a positive effect on your memory and gives you an all-around good feeling. Even your immune system benefits. The course is based on the possibilities and needs of […]

  • Unterricht

    60 minutes of dancing without stopping. Carried by different music. Inspired by images and movement instructions that allow for a multi-layered journey through and with the body, and through different states of energy. No prior experience necessary, for all ages. Come and find your groove!

  • Unterricht

    Have you always wanted to dance and never really dared? Do you think dancing is something for specialists but not for you? Or do you have physical limitations that make you think you can’t dance? Then this course might be just right for you. It combines Feldenkrais and dancing. This combination makes it possible to […]

  • Improvisation can be learned! Based on the potential of each individual, targeted sensitization exercises and movement tasks as well as images, new accesses to one’s own body and to movement open up. Habitual patterns are broken, intuition and spontaneity are given more space. The alternation of conscious and spontaneous responses to the numerous stimuli that […]

  • Susanne tanzt

    The class combines principles of the Feldenkrais Method®, release techniques and elements of yoga.  Organic, functional and efficient movements are in the foreground. The purposeful use of gravity allows for a sense of lightness as well as stability and strength. By exploring connections through the skeleton and playfully exploring spatial and rhythmic variations, we expand […]