Portrait – Susanne Mueller Nelson


Important points of reference in her artistic work are inner and outer perception and the related questions of (re)presentation and reception of body, space and music. Using the means of dance and choreography, she explores border zones and questions the (power) relationships between dance and music, between image and movement, between choreographer and dancer and between performance and audience. These interests often lead to collaborations with artists from different disciplines. The exploration of movement and the decision-making mechanisms that underlie it is often at the beginning of a process. In her movement language, she constantly re-examines the architecture of the body.

Performance «inter.aktionen»

The exploration of space and time is the occasion for recurring questions, often influenced by philosophy or the visual arts. Her pieces are choreographed as well as improvised or site-specific. Susanne Mueller Nelson regularly works with artists from other artistic disciplines.

After a sports career with the national rhythmic gymnastics team, Susanne Mueller Nelson began to focus on the artistic side of movement in 1984, first completing her dance training in Montpellier. There she also came into contact with the work of Rui Horta and Dominique Bagouet. These two very different approaches, as well as the four-year stay in New York that followed (thanks to a grant from the Otto Tschumi Foundation), shaped her later work: on the one hand, the abstract and at the same time precise treatment of movement, on the other hand, the exploration of movement up to its physical limits and the examination of space, presence and the relationship to the audience. Since her training as a Feldenkrais® teacher (2001-2005), this method has formed an important basis for these same questions and for her artistic work.

Performance «Album»

Under the name of co.ainsi.danse, she has so far produced numerous full-length pieces and a few shorter ones, which have been presented in Switzerland and abroad. She is also a much sought-after guest teacher at home and abroad.
In 2010, she received the OFF Stage grant from the Canton of Bern, which allowed her to give a new direction to her artistic work. In 2013, she completed the MAS DanceCulture at the University of Bern. She further developed the topic of mediating contemporary dance performances, which was the basis of her thesis, and started to put it into practice. Since then, she has been a sought-after expert in the field of mediation.
Performance «inter.aktionen»From August 2016 to January 20, she stayed in Berlin on a workshop grant from the Canton of Bern.