zeit.zellen (2002-2015) – Susanne Mueller Nelson

zeit.zellen (2002-2015)

a walk-in installation

Idea, concept, production management, choreography Susanne Mueller Nelson
Installation Ruedy Schwyn
Dance Susanne Braun, Kosmas Kosmopoulos, Mickael Henrotay Delaunay, Tekeal Riley, Angela Stöcklin
Music Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson
Lighting Clovis Inocencio, Stephan Haller

Supported by: City of Biel, Canton of Bern (production and revival contribution), City of Bern, Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation, Burgergemeinde Bern, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Migros Aare, Swiss Performers Foundation, Lions Club Biel, ADN Neuchâtel, City of Baden, City of Zurich.

zeit.zellen was created in 2002 and, thanks to a grant from the Canton of Bern, has been relaunched for the further development of existing works. The new version is more consistent, multilayered, personal and is danced by an experienced team.

zeit.zellen plays in an installation (Ruedy Schwyn) of mobile partition walls. The audience is free to walk around and choose its own perspective. The audience thus becomes part of the action and the choreography by walking around, standing, sitting, lying down.

Susanne Mueller Nelson uses the symbolically simple installation as a field of experimentation to think about space and time, how space influences people and how people behave in space and change it.

We see individual spaces in which personal universes evolve. Reduced gestures and repetitive movements determine the action and take up more and more space as the piece progresses. The form and mobility of the installation leads to an agogic of attraction and repulsion, retraction and expansion, condensation and dissolution.

On the one hand, the piece radiates a meditative calm that invites one to give time to looking and seeing. On the other hand, this calm is repeatedly interrupted by dynamic and pulsating sequences that seem more like a pull that is difficult to escape.

We have this desire for freedom, but often limit ourselves. To what extent are structures necessary for life, to what extent do they hinder our development? Do we have a choice? Or do we only have the contemplation of nothingness?

Duration 65 min

Press comment Bieler Tagblatt

“Ten fascinating and engaging images have emerged from this study, which could start over and over again like an endless loop.” Der Bund “The audience is imperceptibly and inevitably drawn into the intense atmosphere.”

Tour Biel (Centre Pasquart), Bern (Dampfzentrale), Neuchâtel (ADN), Baden (ma), Zurich (HGKZ), La Chaux-de-Fonds (Festival Antilope).