Unordnen – Susanne Mueller Nelson


“One travels to see. I travel only to destinations I know, because I can’t see. When I travel today, I travel to the unseen.” Samuel Beckett

In Unordnen, choreographers and dancers Susanne Mueller Nelson and Katja Münker take the audience on a journey through being thrown back on oneself in moments of rupture and uncertainty.

Through subtle and repetitive movements and in interplay with each other and with different materials, they create and wander through a sensual geography. Its fragile structure constantly rearranges itself and poetic blossoms grow out of the cracks.

With a bodily-mental strategy of so-called disordering and through the alternation and interweaving of movement and language, body-world contexts are explored in dance and choreography. In dealing with what emerges during these processes and observations, a choreographic shape emerges that refers to certain aspects of ecosystems.

Premiere : 17.6.2022, Espace Culturel Rennweg 26, Biel/Switzerland

further performances :
6-18-19-2022 Espace Culturel Rennweg 26, Biel/Switzerland.
2-4-9.2022 TANZhAUS at the Brückenpfeiler, Bern

Susanne Mueller Nelson Dance/Choreography, Project Management
Katja Münker dance/choreography, co-project management
Maxim Kares text work
Nadja Rothenburger Dramaturgy
Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson Sound
Andreas Harder Light