Unordnen (2022/23) – Susanne Mueller Nelson

Unordnen (2022/23)

asks: DJane or avatar? Heads or tails?exclaims: pause! speed up! stack! air…

UNORNDEN is a dance piece about disrupting, integrating, inventing, building and searching for meaning. In a dance-performative play setting, the two performers challenge each other with linguistic influence, movement tasks and material interventions.

They act and react in a sometimes contemplative, sometimes dynamic space. Following a strict structure, they search for coherence in their communication. Between building and stumbling, they find unforeseen answers and spin the story anew each time.

Premiere : 17.6.2022, Espace Culturel Rennweg 26, Biel/Switzerland

further performances :
6-18-19-2022 Espace Culturel Rennweg 26, Biel/Switzerland.
08.31- 09.02 2022 Junge Bühne Bern, Brückenpfeiler, Dalmaziquai 69, Bern, 20h, reservations:, 079 356 60 87 (SMS)

Susanne Mueller Nelson Dance/Choreography, Project Management
Katja Münker dance/choreography, co-project management
Maxim Kares Artistic collaboration
Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson Sound
Andreas Harder Light

Nadja Rothenburger Dramaturgic collaboration

Christiane Hommelsheim, Voice work

Andrea Keiz, Photos, Videos