projekt.raum (2008-2010) – Susanne Mueller Nelson

projekt.raum (2008-2010)

a research about man and space

Changes shape our lives. The closer we get to things, the more unstable they seem. How do we find our way in an unstable world?
Every human being has invisible maps in his head, with the help of which he orients himself in space and time. How does his behavior change when space and time are observed, registered and marketed?
Is there still room for poetry?
Being is alternately condensation and dispersion. The central point of being-there wavers and trembles. The inner space loses its clarity. The outer space loses its emptiness. Where to dwell in this drama of geometry? (Henri Michaux)
In the play with moving cameras unexpected contexts open up. Image and movement merge with sound and light into a whole, always ready to explode.

Susanne Mueller’s work always revolves around the experience of space. At the center of projekt.raum is the encounter of architecture and movement, of action and projection. The perception of the respective space/location is changed by interventions of body, movement, projection and sound.

Production co.ainsi.danse / Susanne Mueller Nelson
Idea/conception Susanne Mueller Nelson
Dance/performance Susanne Mueller Nelson, Paolo Cingolani
Live video Kosmas Kosmopoulos
Live music Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson or Iris Rennert
Light, space Stephan Haller

Supported by: City of Biel, Canton of Bern, City of Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Migros Aare, Kulturtäter Biel, Foundation of the Swiss National Exhibition 1939; in collaboration with LUNA PARK.

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