« one » (2012) – Susanne Mueller Nelson

« one » (2012)

The familiar look in the mirror or at a photograph confronts us with the question of our identity since earliest childhood. ” one ” is the first part of the trilogy ” self/dis/play “, which explores the connection between body and image and examines identity in the face of volatility. In ” one ” Susanne Mueller Nelson explores the question of whether and how the self can be represented at all, since it slips away from us whenever we feel we can grasp it.

In engaging with the recurrence of repetition, the body is explored as a becoming, diffusing in different directions unlike a self-contained subject. The viewer becomes aware of discrete changes and thereby constant renewal. He thus experiences the self (as absence) between the passing and the future.

The joyful confrontation with the body and its environment reminds the spectator of the child in him and at the same time confronts him with an unexpected language of movement and sound. The intensive collaboration of music, dance and visual arts creates a permeability in which the boundaries of the individual disciplines can no longer be discerned.

Duration 50 min.

Artistic direction Susanne Mueller Nelson (Biel)
Choreography Susanne Mueller Nelson in collaboration with Dafni Stefanou
Dance Dafni Stefanou (Athens)
Original music Jonas Kocher (Biel)
Stage Ruedy Schwyn (Biel)
Dramaturgy Annamira Jochim (Zurich)
Costume Kathy Brunner
Lighting Daniel Müller (Bern)

Première June 7, 2012, Espace Culturel Rennweg 26, Biel/Bienne

Supported by Kultur Stadt Biel, Canton Bern, Ernst Göhner Foundation