inter.aktionen (2006/2007) – Susanne Mueller Nelson

inter.aktionen (2006/2007)

6 encounters of dance and music

Concept, production management Susanne Mueller Nelson
Lighting Stephan Haller, Clovis Inocencio
Musicians Hans Koch, Philipp Läng, Martin Lorenz, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Iris Rennert, Martin Schütz

Supported by: City of Biel, Canton of Bern, Migros Aare, City of Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern.

Tour between November 2006 and May 2007: 12 performances in Biel, Bern, Baden

In the performance project inter.aktionen I-VI, the Biel dancer and choreographer Susanne Mueller Nelson meets six musicians at monthly intervals.
inter.aktion seeks a dialogue between music and movement. It is not primarily a matter of the dance interpreting the music or the music playing the dance. Is it possible to break the common marriage between music and dance? To lead two independent lives and to meet, find and lose each other again and again?
Both music and dance use improvisation, composing in the moment as a means to let the piece emerge fresh before your eyes and ears. The performers engage with space and time and play with permanent change. On their journey into the unknown, through inner and outer landscapes, they experience different facets of existence.
Do you look and listen differently when you know that what you see and hear was not planned in advance?