Album – Susanne Mueller Nelson


“I dive into the archive of my body and want to create order. But what emerges eludes the grammar I know. Finding a new language? Who will understand it?”

In her solo piece “Album,” Susanne Mueller Nelson takes poses and gestures as source material to interrogate her movement patterns and thus, to a certain extent, her own history. As if leafing through an old photo album, she works her way through her (body) memories and at the same time reinvents herself. She creates an intimate space and frame in which the questioning of memories mutates into a dialogue with the audience.

Duration 40 min.
Choreography/Performance Susanne Mueller Nelson
Music Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson
Lighting Pablo Weber Fernandez
Technique Blandine Pinon
Choreographic assistance Stefanie Knobel
Dramaturgical advice Annamira Jochim