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  • Steine

    Territoires temporaires – sechs getanzte Reisen SchülerInnen Vorstellung Espace Culturel Rennweg 26, Biel/Bienne Dimanche/Sonntag 24 octobre/Oktober 2011 15h et/und 18h Ein Abend, bestehend aus 6 Tanzstücken, inspiriert vom Thema des Hauses, das sowohl schützt als auch einschliesst, das Stabilität zu garantieren scheint, das Spuren der Zeit trägt, von durchlebter Aufruhr, das Haus als Ort der […]

  • Performance «zeitzellen»

    a walk-in installation Idea, concept, production management, choreography Susanne Mueller Nelson Installation Ruedy Schwyn Dance Susanne Braun, Kosmas Kosmopoulos, Mickael Henrotay Delaunay, Tekeal Riley, Angela Stöcklin Music Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson Lighting Clovis Inocencio, Stephan Haller Supported by: City of Biel, Canton of Bern (production and revival contribution), City of Bern, Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation, Burgergemeinde […]

  • 6 encounters of dance and music Concept, production management Susanne Mueller Nelson Lighting Stephan Haller, Clovis Inocencio Musicians Hans Koch, Philipp Läng, Martin Lorenz, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Iris Rennert, Martin Schütz Supported by: City of Biel, Canton of Bern, Migros Aare, City of Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern. Tour between November 2006 and May 2007: 12 performances in […]

  • Performance «projekt.raum»

    Cortex, 2010 Site specific Tanz-/Musikperformance für la Tenuta dello scompiglio, Vorno/I. In Zusammenarbeit mit Alessandro Certini, Charlotte Zerbey, Susanne Mueller Nelson, Steve Noble und Jalalu Kalvert Nelson. Dauer: 30 min. so close so far,  2009 eine site-specific Performance in der Tenuta dello Scompiglio in Vorno (It) in Zusammenarbeit mit Susanne Braun, Baden, Konzept und Tanz […]

  • Performance «projekt.raum»

    a research about man and space Changes shape our lives. The closer we get to things, the more unstable they seem. How do we find our way in an unstable world? Every human being has invisible maps in his head, with the help of which he orients himself in space and time. How does his […]

  • Performance «inter.aktionen»

    Production co.ainsi.danse / Susanne Mueller Nelson Idea/Conception Susanne Mueller Nelson Light/Space Stephan Haller, Daniel Müller Two dancers, two musicians, one room, one end. What happens when the evening begins with the end? And in addition the piece comes into being before the eyes and ears of the audience? Nobody knows how this ending came about. […]

  • corps.peau.real was conceived by choreographer Susanne Mueller Nelson for the Cie corp’S’pondanse from Biel and was created in collaboration with the dancers. The Cie corp’S’pondanse consists of seven semi-professional dancers and was founded in 2013 by Noemie-Saga Hirt and Belinda Winkelmann. corps.peau.real opens the view on a collective process. The movements are oriented on everyday […]