Close your eyes — Workshop

in Zusammenarbeit mit Reso/Schweizerische Tanztage 2019 Lausanne
Sa. 9.2, 18h–19h30, at the Arsenic?

In this workshop Susanne Mueller Nelson invites you to watch a performance like you’ve never watched before. Thanks to the different somatic techniques proposed in this workshop you can analyse your visual habits in order to learn how to adopt new perspectives and broaden your perceptive capacities. To best appreciate the influence the sensitization has had on your perception, it is a practice worth experiencing before going to see a performance.

Susanne Mueller Nelson is a dancer and Feldenkrais® practitioner. Based in Bienne, she teaches dance and conducts research projects in mediation.

The workshop is open to participants from all backgrounds.?
Duration : 1h30?
Price : CHF 15.-