List of works
2012/13 Invited choreographer for the semi-professional Company corp`S`pondanse for the piece corps.peau.real, performances in Biel, Delémont and Herisau
2012 choreographer and artistic director of the production ONE, with Dafin Stefanou (dance), Jonas Kocher (msic) and Ruedy Schwyn (scenography)
2011 Time off with OFF Stipendium (grant of the Canton Berne)
2009/10 end::spiel 1-6 ( performances in Biel, Baden, Neuchâtel, Luzern, Bern)
2008/09/10 projekt.raum (performances in Bern, Baden, Porrentruy)
2007 zeit.zellen II, CH Tournee (performances in Neuchâtel, Bern, Baden, Zürich, La Chaux-de-Fonds)
2006/07 inter.aktionen I-VI, performance series with 6 different musicians (Hans Koch, Philipp Läng, Martin Lorenz, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Iris Rennert, Martin Schütz); 12 performances in Biel, Bern, Baden, Nidau
2006 projekt.raum, piece for dance, live camera and live music, performance at the Steps Festival in Biel
2003 zeit.zellen, installative piece for 5 dancers, performances in Biel, Neuchâtel
2001 outscape / in.sight  (trio, solo), performances in Biel, Bern, Neuchâtel, Luzern
1999/01 Scratches – to live by dance theatre piece (duet with Kosmas Kosmopoulos, Berlin/Athens), performances in  Biel, Bern, Zürich, Neuchâtel, Berlin
1997 Boundaries (duet with musician Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson), performances in Zürich, Neuchâtel Dance Festival
1995 Seyon for 5 dancers, Neuchâtel Dance Festival
MOviMENTo (duet with violinist Hans Burgener), Festival Tanz in Stücken (Zürich, Lausanne, Bern, Genf)
1994 Strings (duet with dancer Ursula Brechbühl), Dia Center for the Arts New York
1993 Monolog (solo) performances in Baden, Biel, Performance Space Brooklyn (NY)