ONE (2012)
Since our early childhood the famous gaze in the mirror or the look at a photography confronts us with the question of identity. « one » is the first part of the trilogie « self/dis/play », which explores the connection between body and image, and treats the subject of identitiy in view of ephemerality. 
How can the self be brought out ? Isn’t it constantly melting away just in the moment when we think we can grab it ?

The body is explored not as a selfcontained subject but as one becoming and diffusing in all directions. The indepth preoccupation with repetition show discrete alterations. Through these subtle modifications something like the self can emerge. The spectator can experience self as lying between past and future.

The joyful and and at the same time questionning explorations of body and surroundingsremind the spectaator of the child within himself and at the same time confronts him with an unsusual movement and sound. The intensive interplay between music, dance and visual art is creating a permeability, through which the borders of the individual artforms are dissolving.

Duration 50 min.

Artistic Direction: Susanne Mueller Nelson (Biel)
Choreography: Susanne Mueller Nelson in collaboration with Dafni Stefanou
Dance: Dafni Stefanou (Athens)
Original Music: Jonas Kocher (Biel)
Stage design: Ruedy Schwyn (Biel)
Dramaturgy: Annamira Jochim (Zurich)
Costume: Kathy Brunner
Light: Daniel Müller (Bern)

Supported by Culture City of Biel, Camton Bern, Foundation Ernst Göhner